Friday, April 4, 2014

Here we are 1.5yrs later...

As with many things, I had intentions of updating this blog somewhat regularly but it turns out having twins plus a 13 year old that has 3-5 days worth of baseball a week doesn't leave much spare time!  Also I'm mentally lazy and would prefer to spend any free time I have perusing Craigslist for cars and parts I don't need (and my wife and neighbors don't want me to have) instead of doing productive things like reading and typing out all of the crazy thoughts in my head so I don't start muttering nonsensically any more than I already do...

The past 1.5 years has been an amazing mess of dirty diapers, constant adjustment of schedules, lifestyle, and focus of energy and I wouldn't trade it for anything! We've had ups, downs and at times felt flipped upside down but through it all we've been pushed to be better parents, spouses, and children of God, things we've had varying success with at various points in time.  Despite having less time on paper, we've managed to slow down and enjoy spending time in the community around us taking walks (including trips to the grocery store to save gas) and enjoying the parks in our neighborhood as well as hanging out in our fancy new backyard (more on that later).

We're still fairly hermitlike but are taking efforts to push past our introverted personalities to begin to build deep relationships in our church and at least acknowledge our neighbors, but only if they don't look like they want/need something (especially if we're hungry and it's dinnertime).  All jokes aside, loving thy neighbor is one of the most fundamental and difficult Commandments and it takes significant conscious and regular effort to breach even the surface of what it entails.

Even in a sleepless haze we've made drastic lifestyle changes and big decisions to hopefully better set ourselves up for the future, things I will try and set aside time to share via this blog in hopes it might help others.  None of the things we've applied in our lives are novel ideas and there's still a lot to learn and plenty of lifestyle efficiency to be achieved but we're making progress via prayer, planning, research and a little Mustachianism thanks to those who have shared what worked and didn't for them!

More on that later, in the meantime some reading material via a few posts I/we found incredibly helpful:

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