Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thanks for the paycheck

I was rather shocked when out of curiosity I clicked on the "Earnings" tab in the dashboard of my Blogger account and saw that this blog made $.07 in revenue last month.  Considering I didn't even know I could get paid for my inane babbling and the time spent writing these posts would otherwise be wasted surfing craigslist, I'll chalk that up to an infinite ROI.  Thanks to the 30 or so people that click the update links published to my Facebook page hidden amongst pictures of turbo setups and complaints about wind during my bike commutes, I now have dreams of retiring and living off of my blog benefits.

Using the 4% rule, I'd only need about 171,599,745 more views per month to bring in enough income to compliment our current retirement savings and cover living expenses, something that seems completely feasible given the internet's vastness and worldwide accessibility (ignoring the fact that we have 3 college educations to pay for and one from 10yrs ago we're still paying off).  I suppose I could also go on a Facebook friend request spree and find some more people who also enjoy custom turbo setups and living efficiently but there don't seem to be too many people who fall into that category for some reason. 

Also, since I'm now an income earning blogger I will hereby refer to myself by the initials of my blog title (DFL) like all the other cool kids do.

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