Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Glyde your way into even more wireless savings

Time for a followup to my post about MVNO cell phone plans (no Urban Dictionary inspired title this go-round as everything I came up with was a bit inappropriate).  As I mentioned, an impulsive purchase of a closeout priced Google Nexus 4 left us with an AT&T/T-mobile device along with our 2 Sprint devices.  While managing 2 different plans was only a minor annoyance, it also left some savings on the table as Ting only charges $6 per phone attached to the account and all share data, minutes etc.  Initially the savings wasn't quite enough to justify selling the Nexus and buying another new phone for a couple hundred bucks but then I discovered Glyde via this post on Ting's blog.

Glyde is a service that acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of used devices.  They handle all of the paperwork and even provide you with packaging and a prepaid shipping label when your device sells making "selling as easy as throwing it away" as they state on their website.  Buying is just as easy, just search for what you want, select the desired device condition and after a few more steps your new device is on its way.

We decided to take a bit of a gamble and picked up a Samsung Galaxy SIII listed in "Good" condition (looked brand new when we received it) for $135 prior to selling the Nexus.  After getting the Galaxy all set up on Ting we listed the Nexus 4 on Glyde for the suggested $143 list price and it sold less than a week later.  The next day the shipping kit arrived and off it went, we'll net about $125 after shipping and transaction fees leaving us with a $10 delta that we'll make up in about 2 weeks in plan savings, not too shabby!

The final tally:
Sprint Unlimited "family plan" with 3 devices: $202/mo
Ting/Ptel service combined cost: $62/mo
Ting cost with 3 devices: $46/mo
Savings: $156/mo!

Figured I'd post a first month update, even with the added data usage from 2 weeks on the road we managed to come in just shy of $60 with all 3 phones on Ting.  I'm confident that we'll be in the sub-$50 range this month considering we're not planning to spend 52hrs in the car in August...

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