Friday, September 26, 2014


As you may have guessed after my last post, I'm on a Killing Lions kick.  I've never read/watched much John Eldridge stuff but this YouTube series has really hit home for me, the latest being the segment on The Friendships of Men.  One of the biggest struggles we had at our last church was finding and connecting with others, the combination of our introverted personalities, a "busy schedule", and an overall lack of effort on our part led to a couple of years of seeking but not finding lasting relationships.  Looking back, some of that was likely because it wasn't the right place for us and to some extent we didn't find others at a similar stage in life with similar interests but I also think we became part of an all too common trend in today's world where we're connected in every way we don't need to be but disconnected from each other and God, even in a church setting.

Since finding a new church home we've been blessed with relationships and a small group where we've really been able to connect.  Whether it's play dates, trips with kids to the zoo, beer and cigars around the fire pit, or the occasional lunchtime bike ride, we're surrounded by people who we can invest in and are invested in us.  The temptation to skip our group and stay home on Sunday night after a long weekend is strong at times and it takes a conscious effort to prioritize through the same challenges (careers, family, finances etc.) but the rewards are endless and being surrounded by people intentionally doing life together is encouraging and uplifting and gives more energy than it takes every time.

For me personally, having dudes to rely on, pray for, and get out in the dirt with is what I need and crave despite what my calendar and time-selfish mentality may say otherwise.  As mentioned in the video linked above, men need other men in our lives to keep us on track and challenge us to go further, intentional investment that leads to deep friendships that will be there for life.  "Bromance" is often used in a joking manner but I think us guys would be much better off if we approached friendships in that manner.  

This is a lifelong journey and we've only scratched the surface but a small taste is all we've needed to seek, grow, strive, and continue on down this path we've been led to.  For now my mountain bike rides are limited to an hour or so on the trails near my office but I'm hopeful that an epic journey on the White Rim trail is in my future...

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