Friday, March 25, 2016

What about Bob

As we wrapped up our study of Wild Goose Chase at the beginning of the year, the guys in our small group and I took Batterson's advice and wrote out/shared some God-sized goals for 2016 as well as our lives.  I'll share more details later, but as I was thinking/praying through this I ran across the story of Bob Hunter in another book I've been reading and was both inspired and blown away at how a simple and seemingly unguided act of prayer exploded into a life-changer for both the pray-er and pray-ees.

You can read the full story here but basically Bob was challenged (via a $500 bet) by a friend to pray for 45 days for a part of the world (that he'd never been to and knew little about) in an effort to grow the mountain-moving faith called out in Matthew 17:20.  What transpired from that simple bet is nothing short of phenomenal, leading to not only a personal connection to orphans in Uganda but also the president of the country as you'll read in the link above (since I'm sure you're hooked by now!).

While not part of my original life goals list which just included a general goal to "explore mission work," I was struck by the need to pray for somewhere and something specific and what landed on my heart was the Dominican Republic and Orphans.  It might be because several members of my family did some charitable work there or maybe because of a selfish desire to explore the loggable lefts of Playa Bonita, but whatever the case, for the next 45 days I plan to pray "God help orphans in the Dominican Republic" and report back on how the words of John 14:13 and Mark 11:24 play out...