Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cars etc.

As I alluded to in my first post, we sold our beloved 1990 Volvo 740 wagon that carried cross country twice (and was destined to have a 5.3L v8 swapped into it) because it didn't have quite enough space for 2 car seats and a 12yr old.  It was a car that was originally purchased for the engine swap but ran so well I couldn't bring myself to tear it apart.  The 'ol Volvo served us well especially considering we only paid $700 for it and it transported us flawlessly for 2yrs and 60k miles!

A tribute from our 2010 Road trip to the east coast:

Fortunately we were both on the same no minivan page, my only concession was an 80s turbo Caravan:

Since she wouldn't go for that, our "new" family hauler became a 2000 Suburban with only 160k on the ticker (100k less than the wagon) and a 5.3L v8 under the hood, ironically the same motor I was planning to swap into the Volvo!  No pictures needed here, looks like every other beige (excuse me "pewter metallic") Suburban on the road.

Obviously being 10 years newer, the 'burb cost a bit more than we got for the Volvo so I made the decision to let go of my long-term project, a 1953 Chevy 210 2-door, to make up the difference.  The car was quite a find, especially for the price, as a rust free specimen with a bunch of custom body and interior work but letting it go to a buddy gave it a chance of being done in the next 10 years since I was anticipating an overall lack of free time in the near future.  Plus I can wrench on it (and hopefully soon ride in it) anytime!

Fear not, becoming a daddy of twins didn't require me to completely rid myself of automotive fun, I still have my 89 Supra with plenty of power on tap for times when I need to feel more masculine in the estrogen ocean that will become my house (wife + twin girls + 2 female dogs!) as well as my off-road rig, an '87 4-Runner that I've had since I was 15:

Someday I'll get back to road racing, rock crawling, and hopefully building some hot rods.  Always wanted to build a T coupe with a 2.3 Turbo ford motor in it as well as a giant 60s wagon to haul the whole crew like this 1960 brookwood:

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