Saturday, September 6, 2014


Historically Beamerball referred to the punt blocking, special teams scoring way the Hokies played the game of college football. While not the case in recent years, one constant has been the way Frank Beamer has led his team on and off the field, something I have an even greater respect for after reading this article written by an Ohio State alum who happens to have also written Beamer's autobiography.

As someone placed in a leadership role myself,  I hope that even a fraction of what's described about Beamer is true about me although I'm not sure I'd be confident enough in that to ask those that work for/around me.  As I alluded to in my I am Second post, servant leadership is something I've been studying quite a bit lately and the practice of humility in a leadership role is something that seems so hard to grasp. There's a delicate balance between being assertive and respectful that can easily be disrupted by difficult situations or a lack of conscious effort, things that I all too frequently screw up.

Regardless,  the key, as so selflessly exhibited by Coach Beamer, is loving and supporting those around you and showing them the Love of Jesus through actions that put them and the surrounding community (whether a university,  workplace, or nation of Hokies) first, serving however you're led from the position you've been placed.  They may not all be 10-win seasons but what's really important is how you play the game. GO HOKIES.

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