Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cash back Christmas

Christmas can be an expensive time (even for those of us who try and avoid the commercial hullabaloo) and we've spent many a January lamenting our lack of holiday restraint so this year we set out to cover our expenses (gifts, food, travel etc.) with cash back earned on stuff we were already buying throughout the year.

As of 12/23 our final purchases have been made  (hopefully) and I'm happy to announce we achieved our goal!  The $450 Chase sign-up bonus was a big contributor but even without that we were more than able to cover our holiday expenses netting over $1000 in cash back on the year:

Bank of America$381

Not too shabby considering most of it was earned on stuff we were going to purchase anyways, click the links above or visit the referral page for more info on the various methods we used to earn our holiday kitty!

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