Monday, December 28, 2015

Cash Back Christmas, 2015 Edition

It was a close one this year but we managed to carry on our tradition of covering our holiday expenses with cash back from our rewards credit cards.  Last year we got a boost from the $450 sign up bonus from our Chase Sapphire Preferred card (which was closed before the annual fee was due this year) and while we did open a new card earlier in the year (Capital One Venture) and get a bonus, it was mileage used towards the 5 incredibly expensive airline tickets we purchased for our Thanksgiving trip in November, 3 of which we were thankfully able to pay with mileage/rewards.

Because of the trip and things on the horizon, we did cut back some this year on both our gift and food budgets but still had a blast and somehow our living room still looked like a toy bomb went off despite the reduced budget.

The final tally for Christmas 2015:

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