Friday, January 8, 2016

40,000mi Prius Update

Figured it was time for a long overdue update on our little white driving appliance.  Since making the trade for our Sequoia April fools 2014 we've logged over 40,000mi, including a 3800mi road trip to the east coast and a whole summer of baseball on the road this year bringing our total fuel savings to over $5000.  Maintenance thus far has been minimal, oil changes, a set of tires (a little over $200 thanks to being a super common size) and a battery (regular not the hybrid one) summing to probably <$500 over almost 2 years.

She has started burning some oil but only ~1qt between 5k mile oil changes which is common on higher mileage Priuses (or Prii??) and doesn't stop 'em from running north of 300k miles so no big deal there.  As far as "upgrades" are concerned, we still get a ton of use out of the cargo box and a set of craigslist roof racks has allowed us to haul everything from bikes to lumber and a screen door without the need for a pickup truck.

All in all, although we do occasionally miss the Sequoia, we've been very happy with the Prius and it has certainly cured any pride issues resulting from vehicle ownership.  From a payoff standpoint, the Sequoia was worth about $7k when we traded it so we're not far from the Prius completely paying itself off in gas savings which should be attainable by it's 2yr anniversary in April assuming it doesn't end up on the chopping block to fund a minivan. It's not cool but it sure is awesome...

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