Friday, April 8, 2016

2016 Lonestar Roundup, vintage wagons and some other stuff

This year was probably the most epic roundup yet, more cars than any of the 4 or 5 previous years I've been, including plenty of awesome vintage longroofs!  I also got to participate in the garage crawl for the first time and saw some really nice builds at some really nice shops.  Enough words, on to the pictures!

First stop, Austin Speed Shop, no Jesse James sightings (thankfully)
Crazy metalwork

Stop #2, my favorite of the day, Full Custom Fabrication. Awesome shop, awesome cars, awesome setting!
Was so stoked on this 56 I bought a shirt with a rendering on the back
Mmmm LSA
Supra stashed in the back (next to a Charger in a container)

Stop 3, the most impressive shop setup, Bombshell Customs
60s Cad with miles of flake

Last, Gus' garage

First up from the main show, the favorites of the day, a pair of red '59 Chevy wagons

Next up, some sweet multi-passenger haulers for the fam
3rd row!
Angry 60s Buick

Little orange for good measure
An interior that matches my wardrobe

60s Imapalas with the right stance and # of doors

Don't see an Edsel every day, let alone a wagon!

Haven't figured out what this is yet other than awesome

Lots of diesel powered stuff this year too

Other cool stuff
36 Chevy with a "mild" chop
Scalloped Plymouth Cranbrook 
That bumper is off the chain!
Whole new meaning to Jesus take the wheel

Couldn't get anyone to trade straight up for the Volvo, guess I'll keep working on the patina and try again next year...

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