Thursday, April 7, 2016


"Human nature, if healthy, demands excitement; and if it does not obtain its thrilling excitement in the right way, it will seek it in the wrong. God never makes bloodless stoics; He makes no passionless saints." Oswald Chambers

It took me 20yrs as a Christian to start to grasp this but over the past few years God has really shown me what an adventure life with Him can be when not clouded by my own lame attempts and anxious toil.  From the deep and rewarding connections that came from taking a leap to a new church to stepping out and taking on a new role at work that required way beyond what I was qualified for, every day has been a new adventure and learning experience driven and supported by dependence on God and walking with Jesus.  Along with prodding (sometimes gentle, sometimes not) there have been several books/studies that have really opened my eyes, the most recent being Mark Batterson's Wild Goose Chase ( and Dwight Edward's Revolution Within (

As a male and somewhat of an adrenaline junkie, I'm captivated at the idea of each day being a new adventure and uncovering of yet another piece of an exciting puzzle that is the life I was designed to live.  Like carving a new path in fresh powder or blasting down a new trail on my 29er, each day has the potential to be a white knuckle ride into new territory if we'll just open our eyes and let go of our own short-sighted desires and attempts to make things happen on our own.

Looking forward to what's to come!

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